March 7th, 2011


Progress, sort of

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There is some good news available, if anyone is actually interested in my writing progress. I decided not to junk everything and start over, so much work was saved. I did, however, write out a scene and then realize that it made no sense. So I had to alter that, but the joy of writing something new, going off in an entirely different (well, not entirely, I suppose, as they both lead to largely the same conclusion) direction, was quite palpable.

Of course, that might just have been the Alter Bridge, Sick Puppies, and Pseudo Rebels music I was listening to. Yes, I listen to crazy, eclectic things. Specifically, I was listening to Alter Bridge’s “Isolation,” Sick Puppies’ “Maybe,” and the only Pseudo Rebel’s song I’ve ever heard up, “Shut up and Party.” The first two are the kind of rock music that I really enjoy–along with Idiot Pilot’s “Retina and the Sky”–with this powerful, deep beats and an uplifting feeling at their core. The kind of music that would belong in a major motion picture (Idiot Pilot’s was going to be in the first Transformers, but was cut and only appears on the soundtrack CD.) That’d be the kind of rock music I would put front and center in the soundtrack to my movie (or heck, my life). It’s good music for spurring the fingers to write.

What isn’t good is nearly dying twice; a slip in the tub and the near collision with a hatchback (while I’m on foot, natch) almost spelled the end of my career. Alas, I didn’t get much writing done over the weekend.

But nobody’s looking now…