May 18th, 2011


Letter: Washington Examiner

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I wrote a letter to the editor of the Washington Examiner, responding to this letter on the paper “distorting facts about federal spending.”


My response:

If you must carp about the Examiner’s editorial board, how about at least keeping the facts straight?

Your May 17 letter did nothing to enhance your credibility or reputation, particularly: “Under President Bush, the national debt grew from the surplus he inherited to $8.2 trillion in 2006.”

Actually, in 2001, national debt was at $5.8 trillion. What you’re conflating is a budget surplus–which is year to year–with the overall national debt, which lasts forever. I’m not defending Bush–you were spot on about the wars–but if you’re going to criticize him (and by extension, the Examiner) at least do it properly.

I think it may not have been printed because I seem to be sucking up to the paper. But I think that if anyone criticizes another, they should at least get their facts straight, and that fellow clearly doesn’t. I’ll accept criticism of myself if its based on facts and reason (or, if of my fiction, is not completely unreasonable and “out there”), but not if its based on misunderstandings and fictions of its own.