December 26th, 2011



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Even though my “Sony eReader Widget” currently has “A Madness of Angels” listed on it (Fixed) I’ve actually finished that awhile back and just finished Iain Banks’ “Consider Pheblas.” It’s a really good novel, and I think Mr. Banks is now up there with my favorite novelists, just for the very clean, tight writing he performs.

Reading it, however, makes me think: you know, we’d solve a lot of problems if we built a Banks Orbital. We’d have more than enough space for everybody, so we wouldn’t have to talk to one another; we’d leave Earth in peace, so the environmentalists will be happy; it would give everyone a job, since it would be such a massive construction project; and the technological advancements we would achieve while creating it would be utterly fantastic.

Oh, and uh, Merry Belated Giftmas. Because I’m not religious, after all.