Ghoststrider (ghoststrider) wrote,

Friends Only

This was not something I really wanted to do, but, in the interest of my future professional aspirations and the increasing scrutiny of online personas, I have decided to make this blog "friends only." I did not take this decision lightly, as I get rather annoyed when I find someone interesting on a Livejournal community, go to their journal to read more of their opinions and to discover more about them, and then run smack into a "FRIENDS ONLY" wall. It's like being dumped before you even went on a first date. However, after I started evaluating my future path, I realized it was a step I needed to do, and now I understand why others do so as well.

I have unlocked a handful of Writer's Block entries, so you can get the gist of whom you're reading and meeting, and I may unlock more in the future. I do this as a service to you, the reader, who wants to know what s/he is getting into.

If you wish to become my friend and thus see all the entries and goody bits behind this privacy wall, drop a comment below. Note, I am a bit picky nowadays with my LJ friends; I'm not the kind of person who just randomly accepts people like a Facebot. If I don't know you well, I'm not friending you. Don't get offended, it's just a personal policy.

Don't drop anything here about talk_politics community moderation; this isn't the place for it and I will delete it. We have threads set up for that over there; if you really want to talk to me about something, send me a private message and we'll talk.

Also, if any of my friends from Facebook or other social networking sites want to comment here, log in with OpenID, drop a comment on this entry, and I'll let you in. Easy peasy.
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