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Reconsidering Everything

Originally published at Quantum Matrix Scribe. Please leave any comments there.

Have you ever hit that point in a project, halfway through, when you start wondering if it’s all wrong and you need to change it all, every little point? To completely overhaul it, look at it from an angle that was on an axis that wasn’t even in your model previously? I just hit that point, and its a little disconcerting. Wait, change that–it’s really disconcerting.

The main objection is, of course, that I need to throw out everything. I’ve been working on this short story for the past few months, and it just hit me, now, while I was struggling to go further, that it just isn’t working. The characters don’t seem to be right. The plot seems to get stupider and stupider. I seem to have worked myself into a hole.

Part of me really wants to dump this right now and go off in a completely new direction, and it seems tantalizing, but I cannot ignore history; this has happened before, and usually, its my demonic internal editor turning up, telling me that I’m no good, that I’ve wasted a lot of effort, and when I give in to said editor, I do waste a lot of effort by giving up.

This apparently happens to writers all the time, however, and is by no means a bad thing. Sometimes, what you have really is, well, crap, and you need to do something completely different. But I’m going to wait until I finish a rough draft of this story, type it up, print it out, then make the decision. For now, I will go forward and see what happens. Hopefully, having a rough draft will clear up what’s wrong–and at least I can say, “Yes, I finished it!”