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Harsanyi gets it right

Harsanyi: Paul Krugman's Third World fantasy


Harsanyi hits it right on the head. Krugman, of course, is easy to refute; he hasn't really known anything about economics (or anything really) since the 90s, but the rest of it is stuff that needs to be shared.

While Walker, who won office using obnoxious Third World oligarchic tactics like "getting more votes than the other candidate," is a cancer in the heart of democracy, union- funded Democrats evading their constitutional obligation to cast votes are only protecting the integrity of representative government by completely avoiding democracy.
The libertarian Kochs are super rich and gave less than $2 million to Republicans in the last election cycle, which mathematically speaking amounts to nothing.
If some public union rollbacks are a harbinger of rebirth of the robber barons, why is it that the Service Employees International Union boss — who represents a sliver of the American workforce — has been the most frequent guest at the White House after he handed Barack Obama $28 million and used tens of million more to campaign for him and his policies?

Bolded emphasis mine.

You get the picture now? This is what's really going on in Wisconsin, which the media seems reluctant to actually report on.

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