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Originally published at Quantum Matrix Scribe. Please leave any comments there.

Anti-Smoking Crusaders Add MLB to Hit List – PRNewser.


Clicking through to the Wall Street Journal story, the scene in question is:

where Rango (the chameleon hero of the film)  swallows a cigar being smoked by another character (Bad Bill, a bullying gila monster) and then breathes/burps fire into Bill’s face.

Really? They want to go crazy over this movie for this?

As if tobacco is even a big thing anymore. Sure, some of my colleagues smoke, but not many, and most people are more interested in weed.

Smoking is not a controversial thing anymore, for any age group. Neither is drinking. (The Journal just ran an interesting article on parents allowing their underage kids drink at home, a plan I certainly approve of. Not that my parents let me drink, but when I had some communion wine when I was 10–whoo boy! Didn’t drink for almost ten years! Several of my friends have been drinking since they were 12.) Hell, neither is sex or cussing. How many boys by the time they’re sixteen have either lost their virginity or seen a considerable amount of porn through the interwebs? Let’s face it, a lot.

The organizations moving against this, I feel, are relics of a bygone age, an age that no longer exists. (Indeed, I would doubt if it ever existed.) How very appropriate that one of them is called “Legacy,” but what legacy are they trying to promote? The social conservative legacy? That’s what it sounds like to me, conserving a society that no longer exists.

Hey, Cheryl, here’s a concept–why don’t you stop babying kids and adapt to a new era when they’re already more independent? I think if one grants teenagers more independence along with more responsibility, they will fly to it like girls to a Twilight showing, and we’ll have both teenagers and future adults be better off. But that can’t happen unless people like Cheryl stop screaming and whining every time the image of a cigarette or a beer appear in a movie. That can’t happen unless we accept that these things exist and that ignoring them won’t go away.

Too bad ignoring groups like Legacy won’t make them go away.