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Originally published at Quantum Matrix Scribe. Please leave any comments there.

Idiot anti-smoking advocates are upset about ‘Rango.’.

Far better blog post on what the heck is wrong with all those dopes who got into a hissy fit over Rango. Certainly better than this weaksauce post by the otherwise extremely strong and intelligent Reason magazine, by far one of the best mags out there. Their post only says, more or less, “you have to think of context when the character is smoking.” They could have gone a lot farther. Like Mr. Filmdrunk, up there. (Bet he won’t be winning accolades from anybody in the no-smoking crowd.)

(I’m actually a little surprised at how weak the Reason one is. I really expected them to drop a sledgehammer on these guys. Oh well.)

The best comment about this all, though, comes from a comment on the Filmdrunk site:

Seriously. You wonder why films have become so commercialized – it’s because of groups like these who actually think movies are commercials instead of stories with characters who sometimes do naughty things.

And that pretty much sums up my disgust with these groups from a storyteller’s perspective.