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Rough Draft Complete; Time for Vacation

Originally published at Quantum Matrix Scribe. Please leave any comments there.

So I haven’t updated in a full week, but that’s because I’ve been busy working my butt off to finish this long overdue draft of a story. I’ve been working on it for roughly six months, dealing with false starts, bad scenes, a schedule that was dominated by college, job-searching, and then a job, not the mention illness, an MIA muse and an internal editor from hell that all tried to keep me down, but I succeeded.

Last night, I was able to wrap it up and write THE END. And there is something incredibly exhilarating about writing those two simple three-letter words. I don’t think I could explain it in words, but perhaps by analogy: I will never know what the Rapture will feel like, but I suspect that it will feel something like this.

Of course, simply writing THE END does not make it so. This is only a rough/first draft (I never really made a distinction between a “rough draft” and a “first draft,” though some authors do). I’m going to let it sit for 24 hours and solidify, allow my brain to wander elsewhere and think of other things, but then I will back on task. It is not yet publishable; it’s good, but not publishable. Edits need to be made. The prose needs to be tightened in spots. The characterization needs to be improved; the plot reinforced; and the antagonists, well, I’m just not sure that antagonists are what I want in it. I’m debating replacing the antagonists with more human enemies…but when I did get to the end, I felt they still somehow worked. So that needs to be thought out and worked over.

But I can do that over the weekend. For now, my brain needs to rest. Rest, and rejuvenate, and recharge, and some other word that begins with the prefix “re-” but that isn’t coming to my mind right now.