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Flash Fiction, Terraforming, Beautiful Art, and my Jealousy

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I am sorry you have to live in the time of terraforming, and not in the spring that follows.

I seriously don’t know what’s more beautiful here: the artwork presented in this post, or the flash fiction that accompanies it. I am truly jealous to both parties; jealous that my visual art skills are, to be honest, just bloody awful, and jealous that I am incapable of condensing fiction into something that small. It’s only 235 words, very concise. I suppose, for me, the problem is that I don’t see it as a story: there’s no real beginning, middle, or end, no real plot, nothing moves, truly. It is merely a vignette, a sketch of some far off land.

That gives me ideas, though. Maybe if I focus less on plot and just on place, setting..hmm…ideas, percolating…

But yes, I am insanely jealous of both. And no, I don’t think jealousy is a bad thing. It pushes us to be better, to improve, to evolve. I just wish it wouldn’t come with the side effects.

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