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Originally published at Quantum Matrix Scribe. Please leave any comments there.

Well, its finally out the door. All 7189 words of it. Told I should expect a response in about five weeks. Sounds good.

I’m already thinking of my next story. Or stories–there’s a lot of ideas. Derelict spaceships, post-apocalyptic wells (with poorly defined property rights), people using old battleships as a home and not bothering anyone but still being harassed, overzealous cybernetic activists, barflies, smugglers, worlds composed of pure nonsensicalness–there is a cornucopia inside my head, something I haven’t really dealt with in about two years or so. So I’m going to spend the next year getting that stuff out of my head, so I can finally breathe easy. And this time around, it won’t take me several months to write a story. That much I guarantee. (If it does, please find me and shoot me.)