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Moderate or Radical? You decide.

Poll #1791319 Moderate or Radical? You Decide.

Do my positions make me a moderate or radical libertarian?

You're not a libertarian
Don't Know/Undecided

So, I was out on a walk on this morning, and I thought to myself, "I wonder if I'm really as radical as other people think I am." I've always thought of myself as a moderate libertarian, mainly because I do believe in a minimal state, I think anarcho-capitalism really won't work in the real world (not until basic human sociology undergoes drastic transformations), I don't go straight out and argue for privatizing education wholesale, and so on. Below are the basic things I want to see happen in my lifetime, my "goals" as a libertarian. Read them, and see if they make me a radical or a moderate libertarian.

Also, yes, I've also thought of myself as a green-libertarian for quite some time. Hence the avatar.

  • End/Audit/Constrain the Fed (Currency manipulation is sapping our buying power and making us all poorer)
  • Abolish the DHS (and by extension, the TSA)
  • Roll back the security state as much as possible
  • End the War on Drugs/Legalize Marijuana
  • Fix Entitlement Programs (so they won't crush The Next Generation)*
  • Bring the Troops Home--From Everywhere
  • Eliminate Public Unions (they fleece us, and allow public servants to get away with all sorts of misdeeds)
  • Congressional Term Limits
*I should note here that I say "fix"--not axe, not eliminate, not privatize. Just fix them. Give an opt-out option to people under 50. Raise the retirement age by four or five years, and cut back on benefits a tad. With a Social Security shortfall of something like $119 trillion, I think that's the least we can do.

I like to think these are not terribly radical positions. Marijuana legalization has an all-time high of support amongst the public. The DHS is pretty much reviled (even though there is a number who believe what it is doing to be right and just and patriotic--they're useful idiots.) Bringing the troops home is popular even on the right, and I feel that it will become easier to argue to pull out of Europe as that continent commits economic suicide. Ergo for the security state, which is getting to absolutely ridiculous levels. The things I see as being "radical" would be eliminating public unions and potentially ending the Fed. Those aren't necessarily popular with the public, and are a bit more "fringe." 

Anyways, you decide.



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Nov. 1st, 2011 11:29 pm (UTC)
Yer pretty moderate dude, at least compared to me. I'm not an anarcho-capitalist, but I am as close as you can get without advocating for the abolition of the state.
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