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A Win for Newt is a Win for Johnson, I guess.

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Just wanted to say that, if Newt Gingrich wins the GOP nomination, Gary Johnson is going to get some serious support. He’s not going to win, mind you, and might not even get any electoral votes, but he’ll pick up some decent support from the public. Newt is the mirror image of Obama. He doesn’t stand for anything other than himself. He’s a mendacious toad, as my friend Doug Mataconis described him. The guy is positively toxic. If the GOP nominates him, then it deserves to be electorally eliminated as a party, and replaced with something else. Maybe that will be the Libertarian Party. I don’t know. (Probably not, they have issues.) But if Newt gets the nomination, I will bet dollars to donuts that Gary Johnson, if the Libertarian Party is intelligent enough to select him as its nominee, with get around 5% of the popular vote, give or take a couple of points (so, 3-7%). He’s the only one standing up for civil liberties, who is against the war, against drug prohibition, for seriously reducing the size of government, restoring some sanity, and doesn’t have any racist baggage or come off as a crank.

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