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I Has Competition

Originally published at Quantum Matrix Scribe. Please leave any comments there.

I haven’t been posting much here (though I have two or three posts to go through and put up) because I have been very busy with work lately. (I also moved across the river into Virginia, which, by the way, is a really cool place.)

I have been writing, working on my novel, which is completely counter to my predictions for 2012 (in which I published a short story, not a novel. Apparently, my left brain and my right brain are not communicating again. Bummer.) But I have also just joined in the 2012 DC Shorts Screenplay Competition, the capitol’s annual short screenplay, er…competition.

15 pages. Due in about two months and a half months. I think that’s a great deadline, a great goal setter. And the best part is, even if I don’t succeed, I will get great feedback.

The question of course is now, what exactly am I going to be writing. I have the general outlines of an idea (or three), but I’m not sure how to condense that (or them) into a 15 page (which comes to about 15 minutes) short screenplay. This is why I’m terrible at short stories, too–I’m always way too expansive. (Although, from what I’ve been hearing, a lot of new writers aren’t bothering with short stories either, jumping straight into the novelist pool. This may work in my favor. Or not.)

If you’re also interested in the competition, check it out at http://www.dcshorts.com/the-scripts/. Honestly, I’m not worried about extra competition. I’m competing against myself.