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Annoyed by Competitions

Originally published at Quantum Matrix Scribe. Please leave any comments there.

So the D.C. Shorts screenplay competition page says the following:

Want to save money on the entry fees?  Enter early to pay the lower fee — then send the materials as late as the material deadline below.

Yet, when you try to do that, there is no option to do so–their submission software, “Withoutabox,” forces you to upload your script immediately, even if its not ready.

It doesn’t seem like there’s an ability to contact them about this either; they just say if you ask them about submission issues they’ll send you a form letter.

Utterly bizarre. Part of it is my fault–I should have been ready earlier–but I was figuring that I could just send in the online application and pay now, then send the script later, thus save about $30. Not so, which makes me think there’s something sleazy about it. I’m sure that’s just my inner paranoid, but still, it bothers me.

Of course I will still submit, though. It’s just I’m going to be paying a bit more.