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I ain't no necrophile.

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It's probably time to update this.

I'm a person who feels like he's going to break under the pressure--of school, of family, of society, of everything. Yet, I never let it keep me down. That's the most important thing to remember; that you must continue to persevere, to hold your head high, and look towards the future with hope, not dread. Things happen because people want them to happen; if you want something to happen, it will--of course, only if you actually do something about it, but it will come about. (If you know me, then you will see the irony in that statement.)

Politically, I am a green-libertarian who is against coercion of any sort and seeks to minimize the State as much as possible while maximizing individual liberty through the free market. I'm a philosophical anarchist, but I don't really think that will ever actually come about (not until there's a massive change in global society, at any rate.) Theologically, I am an ignostic spiritual humanist, one who believes that the question of whether god(s) exist or not is meaningless and irrelevant and thus shouldn't be bothered with, and that while I believe in a human-centered existence and take reason, skepticism, and science as my guide, there is also something to be said about human spirituality (which really has nothing to do with the supernatural, although I do not 100% rule out the existence of ghosts and other things; I have just never experienced them myself.) Philosophically, I guess you could say I'm an existentialist, in that I believe that the only meaning your life has is the one you give to it, but from my (albeit limited) understanding of the "school," I have major qualms with other existentialists. With regards to sexual orientation, I am a hetero-romantic asexual. If you have a problem with any of the above, I would enjoy explaining them to you and engaging in reasoned discussion, but haters are not welcome. (That includes people who think I prefer corporations eating babies with Tabasco sauce because I believe in a free market.)

My primary hobby (and hopefully future career) is writing science fiction stories, whether as short stories, novels, or TV scripts and motion picture screenplays. I am, in fact, a published science fiction author, although my bibliography is limited. If you're interested, ask. My secondary hobby is playing RPGs and video games, as well as reading books on a variety of topics and genres.

In college I studied journalism and Japanese, and have spent a year there, so on those topics I do know what I'm talking about. Also, while I am interested in Japanese anime and manga, I am NOT a crazy otaku. I'm just a fan. (Also: No I am not a furry. Get lost.)


"My ass is genetically human, but it doesn't get to vote." - brokenhut
"Not-voting works only when they don't-govern in response." - feste_sylvain
"Anime sucks, however through that sucking, I recieve pleasure." - God Feaster 2000
"If by shitting in someone's well you mean 'hurting the collective's feelings' then boo-fucking-hoo-wahhhh. There is no 'society as a whole'." -- nealaus
"When you end up having to force people to behave as if they agreed with you, it's almost certainly because what you're peddling is horseshit." -L. Neil Smith